New E-Class to get autonomous technology

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New generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class is next in line to get autonomous technology, including motorway and parking control systems. Creating truly autonomous cars is ‘imminent,’ Daimler’s CEO Dieter Zetsche has confirmed.

Zetsche has made strong reference to the production debut of Mercedes’s Highway Pilot technology alongside the next E-Class. First demonstrated back in 2012, the system ups the ante compared to the current Distronic Plus cruise control, allowing the car not pull out and overtake the vehicle in front, if the outside lane is clear. The car then safely tucks back into its original lane, all without the driver’s interference.


Similarly fashioned to numerous other systems already in the works at other automakers, the autonomous parking technology will essentially allow the car to park itself without the actual presence of the driver. Fitting the car into a space so tight that it does not allow the driver to literally exit the car will become possible. Of course, James Bond scenarios like calling your car straight to your stairways remains a dream, since the entire parking process can only be supervised from the close proximity of the vehicle.

According to Dieter Zetsche, Mercedes has specifically chosen to tackle the parking and motorway issues related features for their obviously predictable nature, as opposed to city or side-roads scenarios. The therm ‘imminent’ clearly indicates Mercedes’ is poised to get the autonomous technology as soon as possible to the market.

BMW has already announced its own efforts towards the same goal and the first result is the world-first self-parking vehicle, the new BMW 7 Series. READ MORE HERE.