New details about the future Mercedes F015

Mercedes F 015
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After it was officially presented at CES in Las Vegas and in Detroit at the beginning of this year, Mercedes has announced new details about the F015.

With the F015 Luxury in Motion Concept, Mercedes proves that even the luxury sedans will have a future. With 5,220 mm long, 2,018 mm wide and 1,524 mm tall, the F015 Luxury in Motion Concept has the dimensions of a long wheel base S-Class sedan.

Mercedes organized a test session in San Francisco and announced new details, according to Auto Bild magazine. You can drive the car by yourself or you can call the car via smartphone. On the first test, the concept ran by only 45 km/h, but don’t worry. The theoretical maximum speed reaches 200 km/h with a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in only 6.7 seconds.

The propulsion system is inspired from the F125! Concept and combines the Plug-In technology with the Fuel Cell. Two electric motors placed on the rear wheels each delivers 136 HP and 199 Nm. Theoretically, with 0.76 kg of H2 and the Li-Ion battery, the maximum range could reach 1,100 km, a huge autonomy even for our times.

With a 3.60 meter wheelbase, a completely flat floor and the missing B-pillar, the Mercedes F 015 provides an airy feeling of space and plenty of room. Drivers can choose any time whether they wish to drive themselves assisted by the intelligent systems or whether the car is to take them to their destination in autonomous mode. Thanks to the autonomous mode, the front seats could rotate 180% and transform the interior in a luxury face to face four seater luxury lounge.

Quoted by Auto Bild, CEO Daimler Dieter Zetsche said: “Whoever thinks only of the technical package, has not yet recognized that autonomous driving will change our society. The car increases its role as a transport solution and finally becomes a mobile living space”.

But the Mercedes F015 still has a steering wheel and pedals like a conventional vehicle and could be driven in a classical way.

The only additional thing to the four seats is a conference table that builds up on command, between the passengers. The surface of the table is in fact a huge touchscreen on which you can play, surf or work. Six high-resolution displays are installed in the dashboard, the back and the sides of the car. The passengers are able to interact with the F 015 by eye-tracking, gesture control or touching the screens. They get information about the environment, use the entertainment system, make video calls or bring virtual worlds into the car.

The F015 also incorporates high-resolution sensor technology, which continuously scans the vehicle’s surroundings, ensuring effective communication and interaction between the vehicle, the passengers and the world outside. The interactive LED fields at the front and rear and the high-precision laser system inform the driver of specific traffic conditions at an early stage. For instance, the F015 is able to project a virtual crosswalk onto the road surface which lets the pedestrian know the road is clear. The F015 becomes a reliable and intelligent partner in road traffic.