New 4-link front axle in C-Class: more comfort and more dynamics

New 4-link front axle in C-Class
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The new 4-link front axle replaces the old McPherson Type from the former generation C-Class and seriously improves comfort and dynamics.

A newly designed four link front axle plays a major part in the agile handling characteristics. The four link concept isolates the strut from the wheel location functions. The four-link front axle consists in the lower control arm plane of two individual links (pull rod and spring control arm). The strut braces against the transverse forged aluminium spring control arm. The stabiliser acts on the spring control arm. In the upper plane a forged aluminium wishbone takes on additional wheel locating functions. A rigid, weight-optimised integral carrier allows attaching components such as the engine, transmission and steering gear in a way that is most conductive to optimal dynamic handling.

Because the components of the new front axle are made of aluminium, they weigh about two kilograms less than a corresponding steel design.