‘Museum Monday’ is back to disclose the Mercedes-Benz secrets!

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Guess who’s back! It is Uke, the nightguard at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the car paradise that got its 7 millionth visitor in 2015! Watch the new season of ‘Museum Monday’ to find out why the museum became one of the best sightseeing spots in Stuttgart!

2016 is the year the Mercedes-Benz Museum is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and is again waiting for visitors from all over the world. Uke is only offering a tour in English, but the museum provides guests with tours in 11 different languages.

Which is the perfect car to get away from Zombies, pirates, dinosaurs?

David Coulthard walking around the museum and helping (or causing trouble) to the show host.

A Mercedes-Benz typewriter.

How the three-pointed star got the name of a woman, Mercedes.

And how to get a foot massage from your very car.

Everything will be disclosed soon! The first episode of the second season of ‘Museum Monday’ can show up online anytime now! Stay tuned!


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