MPV for the family: 2019 Mercedes B-Class retains its shape – spy pics

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Contrary to what was previously assumed, Mercedes-Benz does invest in a new B-class. The 2019 Mercedes B-Class has now appeared in spy pictures for the second time.

Mercedes-Benz is busy renovating its compact model family. The new A-Class can already be found at the dealers and we have been able to get acquainted digitally with an A-Class Sedan, a version that will appear next to the new CLA.

But, the B-Class MPV also gets a successor, a car with which Mercedes-Benz wants a more modern answer to the successful 2-Series Active and Gran Tourer from BMW.

The third generation B-Class will come on the market next year and Mercedes-Benz seems to stick to the MPV formula. That in contrast to rumors that gave the impression that the B-Class would be transformed into a more cross-over-like model. But for that the brand with the star brings the GLB seven seater SUV to life.

From these espionage photographs it can be seen that the new B-Class is less bus-like than the model that is currently in the showrooms, but still an outright practical family car.

Around 2022 Mercedes-Benz wants to have a total of ten new electric models in its line-up. It is quite conceivable that the B-Class will again be placed on the price lists in fully electrically driven form.