More Than 20 New Mercedes Models and Facelifts in 2023. Novelties Calendar

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The main new Mercedes models in 2023 are the E-Class (W214), the Mercedes CLE coupe, the second-generation AMG GT and a series of new AMG models. You can see here the full calendar with the new models.

The year 2023 is among the richest in history in terms of new models for Mercedes, although for the first time in recent years, the number of new electric models is declining.

This is explainable because, in recent years, Mercedes has introduced an electric model in almost every class.
However, in May 2023, the Mercedes EQE SUV, the fourth luxury model in the EQ series, will arrive in showrooms. Then, at the end of 2023, Mercedes will present a facelift for the EQA and EQB electric compact SUVs. The range of commercial models will be enriched with two electric models: EQT, the electric version of the T-Class, and eCitan.

However, the main news of the year is the sixth generation Mercedes E-Class (W214), which will debut at the end of the summer, followed in the autumn by the E-Class T-Model station wagon version, and at the end of the year by the E-Class All-Terrain version.

Mercedes has not experimented with the new E-Class so the S-Class inspired the design. The dashboard will be based on the same portrait screen from the C and S-Class and the latest generation of the MBUX multimedia system.

The new E-Class carries over the assistance systems and air suspension from the S-Class except that the E-Class air suspension is optional. Built on the MRA II platform, the E-Class is the last model built on a conventional powertrain platform. But all 4- and 6-cylinder powertrains will have mild hybrid on 48V, and PHEV diesel and petrol versions will have an electric range of around 100 km. As with the AMG C-Class, AMG versions will be based on a 4-cylinder engine.

Mercedes will also launch the CLE coupe in late summer 2023 to replace both the C-Class Coupe and E-Class Coupe. Mercedes has reduced its coupe range and dropped the S-Class Coupe, E-Class-Coupe, and C-Class Coupe.

Mercedes will continue 2023 to modernize the compact range. After facelifts to the compact A and B-Class range, a facelift will follow for the CLA, GLA, and GLB. A facelift operation is also being prepared for the GLE and GLS luxury SUVs.

Another all-new model is the Mercedes GLC Coupe (C254) which will debut in the summer of 2023 and take over the platform and engines from the GLC.

The Maybach brand is preparing a special series called Night Series for the S-Class limousine and the GLS luxury SUV. But the big news for Maybach is the first electric Maybach EQS SUV.

Most of the news comes from the AMG sports division. Mercedes has never had more AMG models than now because the last two models that didn’t have an AMG version will also get one.
That is the GLB which will get the base AMG GLB 35, and the GLS, which will get the top AMG GLS 63. So at the moment, all Mercedes models have at least one AMG version.

Also, the AMG CLA 35/45, AMG GLA 35/45 and AMG GLE 53/63 will get a facelift. Two other additions are the top versions of the GLC: the AMG GLC 43 and the AMG GLC 63 S E Performance, which will get the P3 Hybrid system with a 4-cylinder engine in front and an electric motor at the rear axle from the new AMG C 63 S E Performance.

The AMG SL range will be completed with the top version AMG SL 63 E performance equipped with a V8 front engine and electric rear axle motor, which will debut in summer 2023. The V8-powered P3 Hybrid is taken over from the AMG GT 4 door and will develop over 800 hp.

The icing on the cake is the second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT which will only be offered in the coupe version and will debut in late 2023. It will be based on the new MSA platform developed by AMG. Thus, the AMG GT will feature all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering plus hydraulically operated active stabilizer bars.

ModelLaunch date
EQE SUVMay 2023
E-Class SedanAutumn 2023
E-Class EstateAutumn 2023
E-Class All-TerrainEnd of the year 2023
CLA / AMG CLA 35/45Middle of 2023
GLB / AMG GLB 35Summer 2023
GLA / AMG GLA 35/45Middle of 2023
GLE / AMG GLE 53/63 SMiddle of 2023
GLS / AMG GLS 63Summer 2023
New CoupeSummer 2023
GLC Coupe (C254)Summer 2023
AMG GLC 43 (X254)Summer 2023
AMG GLC 63 S E Performance (X254)Autumn 2023
Maybach EQS SUVSpring 2024
EQA FaceliftEnd of the year 2023
EQB FaceliftEnd of the year 2023
MM S-Class "Night Series"Summer 2023
MM GLS "Night Series"End of the year 2023
AMG SL 63 E Performance (P3 - V8)Summer 2023
AMG GT 63/55Winter 2023