More than 10,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in one place. Where is that? VIDEO

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They may look abandoned, but they are not. More than 10,000 Mercedes-Benz cars were deposited on the runway of an airport in Germany. What is the reason they are all there?

The Mercedes-Benz cars deposited at the airport in Alhorn, Germany. The massive open-air deposit may remind people of the shocking photos of the Volkswagen models from the United States, all rebought by the carmaker from customers, due to emission issues. But all these Mercedes models are safe from such problems. Instead, the video shot by Radio Bremen shows cars with the star that suffered minor factory defects. All of them are to be remedied as soon as possible, before rolling off to showrooms worldwide.

The temporary parking lot covers a runway with a 2.5-kilometer length. Most of the models brought there are GLE and GLS units, but C and E-Class Coupes, S-Class Sedans and Mercedes-Maybach models, CLS and even several long-gone R-Class can be spotted as well.

Seats or bumpers with defects are on the list of problems for the thousands of vehicles at the airport. The company representatives claim that the errors are due to low-quality components provided by the suppliers and that the way out of the problem is replacing them with new production partners. “We are working with existing and new suppliers and we had implemented measures to overcome this challenge and deliver cars to its customers as quickly as possible.”

All of the faulty vehicles deposited at the airfield there were built at the Tuscaloosa plant in the United States. Unofficial sources claim that over 40,000 cars have been affected by quality issues and the problem is causing massive delays in delivery. The most challenging of them – the American media reports – is the production of the new GLE, with cars returned for poor quality, making the stockpile ever bigger.