The Mininons fight over Mercedes-Benz and BMW performance

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After having seen a gazillion videos pitting the Mercedes-Benz models against the corresponding BMW variants, a new one, the most original yet, comes along. The minions fight over Mercedes-Benz and BMW performance and laugh out at fails with their signature laugh. 

It’s not only bananas for the minions, but it’s cars as well. Stuart is a Mercedes-Benz fan and can’t help laughing at his friend Bob, a BMW enthusiast, when a BMW 2 Series Coupe jumps over the center island separating the two directions of a road. Stuart though, is not happy when the Mercedes cars fail to do the drifts correctly and even flip over.

The video ends with smoked tires, insane drifts and donuts, with the Mercedes cars showing their true potential.

So who laughs in the end?