Miniature Unimog snow plow seems to be great fun

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No one would ever dare to doubt the limitless force of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. It’s that reputation that makes the vehicle very much desired. Even when it is just a miniature.

Rough winter has hit the Europe. Massive snowfalls in countries that haven’t seen any in decades, blizzard, extreme temperatures. All these define the times many Europeans are living right now. All that is combined with occasional power blackouts. But some of them are making the best of it. To clear off the snow, a man from the Czech Republic takes a miniature Unimog for a walk.

Miniature Unimog snow plow seems to be great fun (1)

And it is not just a casual walk, but mostly work, actually. That is because the Unimog received a blade that pushes snow away from the sidewalk.

With nothing to compare its size with, you could swear the mini-truck is the real deal. It looks every inch a Unimog. Even the orange color is part of the paint scheme that Mercedes offers for the omnipotent truck.

Miniature Unimog snow plow, very similar to the real deal

The miniature Unimog snow plow is very similar to the real deal. Last month, Mercedes showed such units fighting extreme winter in a mountainous area in Germany.

The vehicle cleared the snow using a snow plow and a gritter. The photos show it working along roads and access routes in Rottach-Egern on the Tegernsee.

Miniature Unimog snow plow seems to be great fun (3)

The Unimog must also deal with routs to the ski lifts of the nearby Wallberg mountain. When equipped with special snow chains, it is capable of completing the mission at altitudes of up to 1,000 meters.