Mini giants – The Mercedes-AMG G 63 Crazy Color in 1:18

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Here is your chance to buy not one, but five Mercedes-AMG G 63 cars! Where would you get more than half a million dollars? Oh, but you don’t need that much money. We’re only talking about the 1:18 Crazy Color Edition models, now available for fans worldwide.

The pack includes the AMG Solar Beam, Sunset Beam, Alien Green, Tomoto Red and Galactic Beam, but the models in “Crazy Colors” can be purchased individually wit their specific characteristics included. The Sunset Beam is – naturally – the color of the sunset, while the Galactic Beam, depending on light, shows shades of blue.

The attachment parts such as mirrors, front and rear bumpers, wheel arch extensions, the ring of the spare wheel cover and the roof are all painted in obsidian black.

Mercedes-AMG G 63

Mercedes-Benz GmbH sends the 1:18 sized models to the stores of the Mercedes-Benz sales partners. There will be exactly 463 units, matching the internal code W463. Each special edition model will have a number assigned. The number will be indicated on the underbody of the model cars made of resin and built in collaboration with the GT Spirit experts.

Mercedes-AMG G 63

All mini giants are provided with original design date directly from Mercedes-AMG, all benefiting from high-level detailing. For example, the gear shifting lever is not printed, but built in 3D. The seats are accurately modelled according to those of the original vehicle.

Each of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 models in 1:18 consist of up to 100 parts.