Mikko Hirvonen, drifting the Mercedes-AMG GT S on a Frozen Lake

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What can possibly be more entertaining than drifting on a frozen lake? Drifting on a frozen lake a Mercedes-AMG GT S with famed Finnish pilot Mikko Hirvonen behind the wheel, of course.

The former rally driver is definitely no stranger to ice and fast cars. After all, he did help Ford secure the World Rally Championship (WRC) manufacturer’s title. Not once, but twice, in 2006 and 2007.

The video doesn’t portray a test in the literary sense of the therm. On the contrary. It is all about drifting, going sideways and enjoy what is certainly one of the best junior supercars of the moment, the brilliant Mercedes-AMG GT.

Ballistic. This is how Hirvonen described the experience, impressed by the sheer amount of power and torque aimed at the driver. The only caveat? The position of the paddle shifters is not to its liking, their use in mid cornering action being described as slightly… uninspired.