Mighty G 55 AMG plays in the snow. Straightforward Russian review

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Mercedes’ mighty G 55 AMG is probably one the coolest, most menacing cars. Ever. Period. So getting the chance to witness the big off-roader playing in the snow is truly entertaining.

The Russian portal Avtoman’s reviewer called Anton has plotted a rather straightforward video showing the G 55 AMG in its natural habitat with plenty of questionable scenarios in full swing – from literally plucking fresh snow to driving TOO fast on the highway and top things off with overtaking on the right lane.

We’re not sure what the conclusion is as Russian remains a language best meant to stay in school, schools from good old Mother Russia only, obviously. He does seem to have a great time though as happiness can be read on his face. What could be the reason you might ask. Simple, sheer posing behind the wheel of a 500-plus hp 4×4 monster – or living legend.

Enjoy the video for yourrself to get a better taste of what fun truly means back in Russia courtesy of Avtoman.

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