Merry Christmas! Santa’s sleigh is a Mercedes and you can configure it too

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Merry Christmas, dear Mercedes fans! Santa seems to be a Benz fan too since its sleigh of choice for 2015 wears a three-pointed silver star on its… bonnet. Mercedes has released a special configurator to mark the occasion.

Santa won’t have an easy time deciding which model to base its sleigh on. Mercedes developed three variants, either based on the classic Silver Arrow, a G-Class and an F 015. No matter which one the generous bearded man will choose eventually, the color palette will sure suit his tastes given the wide array on offer: classic red, the Reindeer Nose, the Pine Needle green, the Silent Night Black, the Angel’s Hair silver metallic and the Jingle Bells gold.


Three different runners are also ready to be ticked as an option. Among them the Exclusive, the Avantgarde and the AMG. Propulsion-wise, Mercedes also gives Santa a lot to think about. Its 2015 sleigh can either come in 4Matic, Hybrid or AMG flavors.

And wait, that’s not all! He can get some safety features on top of that. The Safety Package Plus takes the shape of an angel, the Navigation system is in fact a shooting star while the Intelligent Light system turned over night into a gnome with a flashlight.

Head over to Mercedes Christmas special configurator website and shape the sleigh of your dreams. Santa’s dreams, of course!