Mercedes X-Class revealed: Mercedes pickup first pictures are here

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Mercedes enters the 1-ton pickup market at the end of 2017. Latest spy pictures reveal the design secrets of the new Mercedes pickup.

The Swabians, however, do not develop a completely new model, but make use of the technical platform of the Nissan Navara. This will not be pure badge engineering, as Mercedes has learned from the Citan.

The pickup, which will be titled as X-Class, gets under the ladder frame a completely rehauled chassis with its own tuning. Daimler relies on coil springs on the rear axle. The engines also come from Mercedes’ own shelf. Top engine will be a three-liter V6 turbodiesel with over 200 hp, which is coupled with all-wheel drive, rear axle lock and central lock. The Nissan four-cylinder turbodiesel is adopted as the base unit. If you like, you can look forward to an AMG package for the X-Class, but there will not be a real AMG version.


In the design department, the Mercedes X-Class will follow closely the Mercedes GLE. The Mercedes-Benz grille is clearly visible, as are the mudguards and kickboards. The cabin itself hardly changes compared to the Nissan base. On the roof, the Daimler engineers will mount an integrated rail. For the interior, a cockpit similar to the one in the V-Class is to be expected, which clearly signals the class: this is a Mercedes.

There are also numerous assistance and safety systems as well as all sorts of options. But the Mercedes X-Class should also be able to work. The pickup will load a good 1.1 tonnes and pull trailers weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. This is roughly equivalent to what the Nissan can do.