Mercedes will produce Mercedes EQ range in four factories

Mercedes accelerates plans for electric models
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The 10 models of the Mercedes EQ range will be produced in four factories: Bremen, Sindelfingen, Tuscaloosa and Hambach.

The new Mercedes EQ range will include 10 models from compact class to luxury SUVs and sedans. You can find here the full plans for the Mercedes EQ range.
As we announced today, Mercedes will produce the new compact model EQ A in Hambach, France, very close to the german border. 600 million USD will be invested in the body shop and in the development of the product. In Hambach, Mercdes produce since 2007 the electric version of smart.
Mercedes EQ A is the second model of the EQ range, following the Mercedes EQ C (the electric middle class SUV similar to GLC) and is planned for 2021. Because the EQ range will include also other compact models based on the new platform, it is very probably that all of them to be produced in Hambach.

The factory from USA, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will be also in charge with the production of Mercedes EQ range. Mercedes will invest here 1 billion USD and will create 600 new jobs. A big part of this investment will be dedicated to the production of the new electric models and for building a new battery factory, located near to the car factory.
Currently, Mercedes produce in Tuscaloosa the luxury SUV range GLE, GLS and GLE Coupe including the Plug-In Hyvrid versions.
It was not announced what models from the EQ range will be produced but we think that the production will be focused on the EQ GLE and EQ GLS which are on the list of the 10 electric models of the EQ range.

The factory from Bremen is the house of the EQ C, the first model from the EQ range. EQ C will start next year.
The EQ range will be produced also in the top technology factory from Sindelfingen, the production place of the big class and luxury sedans.