MERCEDES W08 FOR F1 SEASON 2017: New Silver Arrow arrives on February 23rd

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The new Mercedes W08 for Formula 1 Season 2017 will be unveiled in Silverstone on February 23rd, four days before the official start of the testing sessions in Barcelona. Ferrari retreats one day later.

Mercedes is determined to win the first race of the year. On the homepage, the racing team has begun to give VIP tickets to fans for the big day. In Silverstone, the lucky winners will see not only the solemn revelation, but also the first laps of the Mercedes W08.

Who will sit at the Shakedown behind the wheel of the car, is not yet clear. The replacement candidate for the resigned Nico Rosberg is still unknown. According to information from auto motor and sport, no contracts have yet been signed. The most likely candidate is Valtteri Bottas. The Finn comes only when Felipe Massa retires for pension and is still another year under contract at Williams.

Mercedes W08, one day before Ferrari
Ferrari has also announced the launch date of the new F1 racer. Group CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed at the Christmas party in Maranello that the new official car of Sebastian Vettel will be presented in Fiorano on February 24th. The new car will wind up its first kilometers on two filming days before it goes to the test drives to Barcelona.

The official tests on the Catalan Grand Prix circuit begin on February 27th. This year’s 11 teams have two rounds of four days at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya to prepare the new generation cars for the start of the season on March 26th, in Melbourne.