Mercedes to Abandon Streamlined Design in the case of Mercedes EQE and EQS

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Mercedes to Abandon Streamlined Design in the case of Mercedes EQE and EQS

There are opinions that sales of the Mercedes EQE and EQS are not up to expectations because Mercedes customers do not appreciate the very streamlined design and want something more… stately.

Sales of the Mercedes EQE and EQS are not as expected in all regions of the world. One of the reasons seems to be the very aerodynamic design, which does not appeal to traditional Mercedes customers who want something more … stately.

Mercedes boasts a Cx of 0.20 for the Mercedes EQS, which gives it top-class aerodynamics. Thanks to this outstanding aerodynamics, energy consumption is reduced, and the range reaches impressive levels. For example, the Mercedes EQS 450+ base version has a range of 734 km. The EQS 580 4Matic version with 544 PS and two motors has a range of 697 km, compared with 624 km for the BMW i7 xDrive60, which has the same power but is based on a conventional platform.

In China, many wealthy customers are unhappy with the aerodynamic design, not because they want something more…stately but because it limits their access to the back seat.

Cristoph Starzynski, the former Head of Development Electric Drive, promoted to overall vehicle development of all Mercedes-Benz passenger car series on 1 July 2023, told Top Gear magazine that Mercedes is taking these views seriously and says design changes will be made. “We have had that comment, and we are taking this comment seriously. Looking at the [design] language in the CLA Concept, and maybe looking a little bit more in the future, I think we can definitely see there’s going to be adoptions to that,” Starzynski told Top Gear magazine.

The CLA Concept is not as aerodynamically shaped as the EQE/EQS, with the bonnet and boot lid more prominent, like a traditional limousine.

Adopting a more traditional design results in a small penalty in terms of Cx and therefore range. But Starzynski didn’t confirm or deny the design modifications. He only says that the CLA Concept’s design is a first glimpse into the future of Mercedes model design.

Starzynksi also confirmed what we have written before that Mercedes will drop the EQ particle from the name of its electric models.

Asked about the sales of the Mercedes EQ range, Starzynski said that it depends on which region of the world we are talking about. In the US and Europe, things are going well, but in China, it’s a different situation because the segment of luxury electric models is very small. China is a crucial market for Mercedes because in 2022 a third of all sales were in China.