Mercedes – Tesla war is on! SLK attacks Tesla dealership

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The Tesla – Mercedes war began before Dr. Z himself (Dieter Zetsche, CEO Mercedes – n.r.) officially declared so. The first soldier who ventured to attack the eco bastion called Tesla was the driver of a previous generation Mercedes SLK.

The driver lost control of the car and slammed into the Tesla showroom window.. He literally destroyed the dealership placed in the heart of the American metropolis San Francisco in California.

The accident occurred this past weekend, when the silver SLK came out of the road in a dangerous curve because of excessive speed. It hit a tree, a mailbox and a traffic sign and it eventually stopped into the Tesla showroom.

No major damage on the Tesla store

The store that hosted a copy of the Tesla Model X SUV did not suffer any major damage, with only the showcase and main entrance among the wreckage. In contrast, the Mercedes ended more wounded, the front of the German roadster being completely destroyed.

The police tested the driver for drugs and alcohol and found out that he was not driving under influence. Authorities started in an investigation. They plan to find out how exactly the Mercedes ended up in the electric cars showroom.