Mercedes teases the Vision EQXX concept with impressive almost 4 minute video

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Mercedes teases the future Vision EQXX concept with an impressive almost 4-minute video recently posted on the company’s YouTube channel. Entitled “The Extra Mile”, the video reveals the efforts of a team that created something groundbreaking. A battery that is not huge, but allows a 1,000-kilometer range.

The Vision EQXX is about striving to deliver outstanding performance. “Nothing is impossible”, says the caption of the film.

The video starts with a sedan-shaped car hiding under a green cover that is so thin you can almost see everything underneath. Or that’s what the teaser is trying to make us believe.

“It started as a thought that visualized a change that would change everything”, the voiceover says. Meanwhile, images from the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart roll on the screen.

“This is the story of the most efficient Mercedes-Benz we ever built, setting ourselves an extreme goal. 1,000 kilometers in one charge”, says Jasmin Eischler from the Future Technologies division.

Vision EQXX (2)

“We didn’t want to create a huge battery. Anyone can drive 1,000 kilometers with a really big battery”, Eva Greiner, Chief Engineer Electric Drive System, explains.

“This is the first time that we have created something that will actually hit the road and start breaking records”, is the promise that Zane Amiralis, Advanced User Experience Design, makes to the brand’s enthusiasts.

Vision EQXX is the car reinvention all over again

The team that worked on the Vision EQXX proudly says: “We are reinventing the car again.”

The video takes us through the history of the company’s racing, hinting that the concept we’ll be seeing next year will get Formula One-inspired tech.

The Vision EQXX will be a 4-door compact sedan with a very intelligent “brain”. The team realizes that there is a very thin line between success and failure. They haven’t even moved the car yet, so they can’t tell for sure. “We are at kilometer zero. still 1,000 kilometers to go”, the video claims.

We will know if it is true or not when Mercedes pulls the cover of the concept car, on the 3rd of January, at the Consumers Electronics Show.