Mercedes teases the future Maybach EQS electric SUV

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Mercedes-Benz teases the future Maybach EQS electric SUV. The teaser photo comes right after the company’s CEO announced that every single model will come with an all-electric variant starting 2025.

To confirm the announcement, Mercedes shows what would be a taillight of the future Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. The luxury cars maker claims that it will be based on a standard EQS SUV.

“Our main duty in this transformation is to convince customers to make the switch with compelling products. For Mercedes-Benz, the trailblazing EQS flagship is only the beginning of this new era,” Källenius stated during a digital conference. And apparently this is what he meant by “compelling products”. With a luxury electric SUV, Mercedes is trying to attract a whole new segment of customers. It will be an SUV for the environmental-conscious people who would not compromise luxury.

The Maybach EQS electric SUV – different, yet similar to the EQS sedan

Several EQS SUV prototypes have been showing up in spy photographers for the past few months. They all wear a thick layer of camouflage, together with body cladding. This would not allow much guessing in terms of design. But an electric Maybach EQS would surely borrow design elements from the EQS saloon.

The teaser image though confirms that the Maybach EQS SUV will sport horizontal taillights with unique design, that seem to stretch all along the rear. It will thus display a rear that will totally different from that of the sedan. The photo also reveals a two-tone paint scheme and the Maybach badge on the rear pillar.

No technical detail on the future Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. But it is expected to get the powertrain of the EQS 580 4Matic with two motors and up to 560 kW. Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic delivers 385 kW.

The high-ride luxury electric would arrive in 2024. It is the year that the electric variant of the G-Class off-roader would roll off the assembly line under the EQG designation.