Mercedes teases future EQS electric sedan. When will we see it?

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Mercedes teases the future EQS luxury electric sedan. What seems to be the zero-emission variant of the S-Class saloon seems almost ready for its public debut. When will it happen?

Mercedes reveals an image of a dark sideline of the future EQS luxury electric sedan on its Twitter account. The photo displays a curvy roofline and a very sleek profile.

There is a chrome trim surrounding the glasshouse, there are flush-mounted door handles and what seems to look like a liftgate, unlike the S-Class saloon. Predictably, the car gets LED headlights and elongated horizontal taillights, extending to the rear wings.

The EQS series model finds inspiration the Vision EQS concept, that the premium car maker revealed back in 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The EQS stands on the company’s new Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA), a premiere in the electric range. Therefore, Mercedes will provide new drivetrain configurations than those of the EQC and EQA. Batteries with different capacities should also be part of the menu. The car maker though is keeping the details under wraps.

The future Mercedes EQS comes with an impressive range

Information accompanying previous teaser images claimed a range of over 435 miles (700 kilometers), according to the WLTP cycle. This is possible thanks to exceptional aerodynamics and to a lithium-ion battery. No word on its capacity though.

The electric sedan will get the new MBUX Hyperscreen, that Mercedes revealed in January, with innovative features and capabilities. All of them will be displayed on a screen that stretches across the entire width of the dashboard. It integrates the digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, an infotainment screen and a display for the front passenger.

Mercedes is also planning an EQS SUV. The high-ride model should be ready by 2022. Meanwhile, spy photographers snap photos of the EQS prototypes testing on public roads and racetracks. It should debut this spring and hit the road next winter.