Mercedes Teases AMG Vision Electric Performance Car

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Mercedes has just teased the AMG Vision. The AMG head designer Gorden Wagener reveals it will be an all-electric performance car.

He took to Instagram to show the lines of a mysterious car and captioned the post: “The Desire for Performance Luxury. Get ready for our all-electric performance show car – the Vision AMG.”

So we know that it’s going to be an AMG concept car and that it’s going to feature one or more electric motors. Most likely, we’ll be dealing with more, since Wagener mentions “performance” in the same sentence with the name of the concept vehicle. Unless they will be using the powertrain of the EQXX concept.

The outline in red on a black background shows a model with a rather short hood. The greenhouse is small and the sloping roofline and arched line of the rear fenders flows to a rear that reveals melt into a rear that rounds up the sleek silhouette.

It looks very much like the Mercedes EQXX concept, that the carmaker revealed back in January, at the Consumer Electronics Show. At the time, the EQXXX was advertised as being the world’s most efficient car. Back then, they claimed a 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) range on a single charge. What made it so efficient? The drag coefficient is one of the features it boasts. It stops at 0.17. A 100-kWh battery pack with 50% less volume and 30% less weight stores the energy. The roof comprises 117 solar cells, that supply the ancillary systems and add 25 kilometers of range in ideal circumstances.

It remains to be seen how much of the EQXX study vehicle will make its way onto this new concept and how much of it will go into series production. We’ll get to find out more on May 19, when Mercedes will reveal the AMG Vision.



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