Mercedes Sprinter morphs into the Bürstner Lyseo M family camper van

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The Lyseo M is a compact camper van built on the chassis of the recently renewed Mercedes Sprinter. It is avalaible as a manual or with an automatic transmission and has a unique feature for today’s motorhomes: rear-wheel drive.

Almost all campers nowadays have front-wheel drive. The advantages of a rear-wheel drive are particularly noticeable with a motor home on slippery surfaces, such as wet grass.

Bürstner offers the Lyseo in two formats: the 660 and the 690 G. The 660 has a large ‘bedroom’ at the back with a double bed and an optional fold-down bed above the seating group: good for a total of four sleeping places. The relatively large kitchen can be equipped with an oven and cooking combination. The lengthy bath / shower room with swiveling washbasin is also strikingly spacious.

With the other new version, the 690 G, Bürstner focuses specifically on traveling couples. If desired, a pull-down bed for one person is added to the interior. The kitchen, with a worktop of more than one meter, is inserted in this layout for a wider passage.

The Lyseo M is equipped with numerous driving assistance systems, such as crosswind assist, driving light assist, active braking assist and mountain-assist. Initially, the Lyseo M is only available in the Harmony-Line version. Also new is Skyroof XL, a light ceiling covering with indirect lighting (in layouts without a fold-down bed).

The newly developed ‘entry element’, with various storage options, is an eye-catcher in both formats. Funny: you can place Bürstner magnet glasses – sold separately – on a magnetic strip.

The Lyseo M Harmony is 699 cm long, 232 cm wide and 299 cm high. The 414 CDI chassis carries the 143 hp Mercedes diesel engine. The price in the Europe will probably be around € 83,000. The Lyseo M 660 will be built in September and will be at the dealers’ showroom that same month.