Mercedes Sprinter Brabus at Moscow Autoshow

Brabus Business lounge
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If Tom Cruise would have had a such mobile office with exclusive multimedia equipment, his ”Mission Impossible” would be more simple. But he had not. Time is not lost because Brabus built to order an exclusive business lounge with exclusive multimedia equipment.

The Brabus exclusive business lounge is based on Mercedes Sprinter with long wheelbase and high roof. The black van has a different face thanks to the new redesigned front bumper with sporty design and integrated LED daytime running lights. Elegant fenders at the wheel arches create space for Brabus Monoblock E 8Jx18 wheels with nine spokes shod with 255/55 R 18 tyres from Continental. Big footprint is not a disadvantage because a four channel surround view camera can show the vehicle surroundings.

But lets go inside. The big van offers up to eight places with the front two seats separated from the cabin with a bulkhead. In the cabin two configurations are possible: with 4 or 6 seats. Four of the seats are arranged in a face-to-face conference arrangement, can be reclined in a sleeping position like in a first class jet and have all the comfort facilities of a S-Class saloon with massage function, heating, ventilation and three position memory function. The third row of two individual seats faces forward and could be removed when is needed more space for the luggage items. Access to these seats is possible via the aisle between the seats in front of them after slid back the center console. All seats are covered with two-tone cognac and mocha combination of soft mastik leather and the sides of the seats feature a combination of alcantara and high-gloss white surfaces meanwhile the floor is from genuine wood.

Interior space is very generous and because this is a high roof Sprinter, even tall passengers could stand. But the generous interior space needs special treatment for cooling or heating and Brabus developed a special and very silent climate control system with a heating output of 10 kw and a cooling output of 13 kw.

Comfort seats like in S-Class, compatible with any type of device – iPad, Android phone, Windows notebook

The centerpiece of this exclusive business lounge is the innovative media center. To charge notebooks, tablets or smartphones, passengers has eight USB 3.0 ports and three 220 volt outlets. Hosted by a powerful PC, media center is compatible with any type of devices doesn’t matter if we speak about an Apple ipad, an Android cell phone or a Windows notebook. User has only to touch the symbol of the appropiate operating system on the Brabus touch control and the device is connected wireless.

The contents could be displayed on a 42 inch Full HD LCD screen integrated into the bulkhead.  Passengers seated in the two rear facing seats who does not see the full HD LCD screen have a 10 inch display into the center console. Every passenger has access to the mobile high speed internet, can watch live HDTV via DVB-T or Apple TV or access entertainment content from hard drive, blu-ray player or Playstation 4. A Dolby surround system with an output of 1,200 watts reproduce a high quality sound. There are three retractable tables, a refrigerator and a coffee maker located in a center console between business seats. Six dimmable reading lights provide perfect lighting for all seats.

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And like in Mission Impossible Ghost protocol where Tom Cruise team change the design of a room, the design of the headliner can be changed. A huge  2,700 color LED display of 180 x 90 cm  integrated into the headliner is capable to display 12 different animations from an azure sky with moving white clouds to a starry night sky or from a magnificient fireworks show to oriental themes.