Mercedes SLS AMG sent directly to the scrap yard by reckless driver

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has been a dream car for years now, even though it last rolled out the plant’s gate over a decade ago. But dreams can turn into nightmares if the driver doesn’t know how to handle them. It must have been the case for this SLS as well. Now it is already on its way to the scrapyard, sent there by a reckless German driver, who only needed a couple of seconds to turn it into a wreck.

The life of the little German town Heide, with a population of only 21,000 people, was turned upside down for a couple of hours. A 28-year old driver lost control of his supercar, a Mercedes SLS AMG, while he was heading to the city center, in the evening. In a split second, he ended up in the ditch on the side of the road. His gullwing fireball had rolled over and caught fire.

The driver and the passenger, an 18-year old, only suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital for further investigation. The pre-owned Mercedes bought with almost 200,000 euros, was a write-off. The road was jammed for over 45 minutes, until the fire was put out, the car was turned with wheels back on the ground and loaded into a truck to be taken to the scrapyard.


Source: Bild.