Mercedes SL 72 AMG with Koenig bodykit for sale for sky-high price

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This Mercedes SL 72 AMG with Koenig Specials bodykit has almost doubled its price in three years. The car now goes on sale on Ebay for 350,000 dollars. Is it worth it?

With an XXL-wide body kit and massive spoilers, this Mercedes SL 72 AMG, codenamed R 129, is a rare specimen. Back in 1995, Mercedes built the SL 72 AMG based on the SL 600, limited at only 35 pieces. the displacement was expanded to 7291 cc, while the power increased from 394 to 532 horsepower. The car came prior to the arrival of the more renowned SL 73, around the years 2000. The SL 73 sported the same engine, but configured for 525 horsepower.

Mercedes SL 72 AMG Koenig (8)

Only one was rebuilt by Koenig Specials in the late 1990s. The tuning engineers fitted the black roadster with massive fender flares, brand-new aprons, side skirts and a solid rear wing. The body kit is still on sale for 9,500 euros. The car runs on golden multi-spoke 17-inch rims with meaty tires.

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The interior draws attention as much as those shiny rims, since it comes in mint green. The seats, door panels, dashboard and even steering wheels bear the same eye-damaging color, while there are also matching eucalyptus wood inserts in dark green. The owner claims that the condition of the car is simply… “perfect”! But that remains for the future owner to decide!

Those that are interested in getting a one-of-a-kind means of transportation must know that the odometer of the V12-motorized vehicle shows 104,000 kilometers and that it is sold with all its complete invoices history. The 25-year old car is sold for 350,000 Euros, but the Polish owner says the price is negotiable. This exact same automobile was for sale in 2016 for almost half of the price: 100,000 Euros less than at present.