Mercedes shows Digital Light, revolutionary dazzle-free LED headlight tech

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Mercedes has unveiled Digital Light, the dazzle-free continuous main beam LED headlight technology offering revolutionary precision with resolution of more than 2 million pixels.

Nowadays, car makers try to stand out not only with their design, but with high-end lighting technology too. Where Audi and BMW pounce on light units with laser technology, Mercedes-Benz presents its ‘Digital Light’.

Mercedes uses more than a million micro mirrors for each of its light units, so more than two million in total per vehicle. All are connected to the cameras and sensors on-board, and therefore can adapt to the conditions. The light is split up into tiny pixels. The smaller these light pixels become the better the system can react to different situations

Algorithms receive detailed information about the surroundings from the vehicle sensors, and from it calculate in real time the brightness value for each one of over two million pixels. This dynamism and precision gives this intelligent system well-nigh countless possibilities to provide ideal, high-resolution light distribution which suits the surrounding conditions perfectly.

Sensors, such as cameras or radar, detect other road users and powerful computers evaluate the data as well as digital cards in milliseconds and give the headlamps the commands for adapting the light distribution in all situations. These efforts yield optimum vision for the driver without dazzling other road users as well as innovative functions with added safety.

Besides the revolutionary mirrors, Mercedes has integrated into the new light units more than 8,000 LEDs. Four light points, each with 1024 individually actuatable LED chips, are installed per headlamp here. This does not only give the necessary light, but are also able to project symbols and figures on the road. Think of a pedestrian crosswalk which notifies when it is safe to cross the road. Also, projected arrows indicate the direction in which the navigation system sends you.

Digital Light is not only the technology of the future, but the purest form of engineering art. FIND OUT HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS IN THE VIDEO BELOW.