Mercedes sales up 21% in Q3 2022

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Despite a difficult economic climate and the continuing semiconductor crisis, Mercedes sales increased to 517,800 units in the third quarter of 2022, up 21% from the same period last year.

The biggest sales growth was recorded by Core luxury models. Core Luxury sales reached 277,000 units, up 36% from the same period in 2021. This result is due to the very good sales recorded by the Mercedes C-Class (+55%) but also by the Mercedes E-Class (+25%) in the last year of the current generation and the Mercedes GLC with 88,700 units (+49%) which switched to a new generation just this autumn.
Also the new Mercedes EQE registered 3,500 units sold.

In the Entry Luxury category, sales increased by 6% to 148,400 units, 10% of sales being electric and Plug-in Hybrid models. Sales of the Mercedes EQB recorded more than 3,400 units in September, the best result ever recorded in one month.

Among the compact models, the best result was achieved by the Mercedes GLB with 36,900 units sold (+11%). Sales of the A-Class (-3%) and B-Class (-6%) were affected by component shortages.

In the Top-End Luxury category, sales declined slightly by 1% to 77,500 units compared to the same period in 2021 but increased by 8% compared to Q2 2022.

Mercedes-Maybach sales increased 3% to 5,200 units while Mercedes EQS achieved its best result in a quarter at 5,400 units. Due to temporary certification delays in the US, S-Class sales fell 18% to 21,400 units. The newly launched Mercedes-AMG SL, developed by AMG, recorded 1,800 units sold in Q3 2022.

Sales of electric models reached 30,000 units, 28% more than in Q2 2022 and reached 75,400 units (+126%) in the full year 2022. 13,100 units were sold in September 2022 alone, of which 3,400 EQB, 5,400 EQS and over 2,000 EQE. Production of the EQS SUV in the US has recently started.

Sales of electric and PHEV models including smart reached 75,900 units in Q3 2022 (+23%), which represents 15% of total sales. In the first 9 months of 2022, sales of electric and PHEV models reached an impressive 215,400 units (+17%).

Record sales in Asia
The best result was recorded in Asia, where sales increased by 28% thanks to the spectacular 37% growth in the Chinese market.

In Europe, sales increased by 18% to 152,700 units, of which 34% were electric and PHEV models. The best-selling electric model in Europe was the EQA with 14,900 units in Q3 (+29%).

In North America sales increased by 26% to 88,200 units due to the very good result in the US (+31%).

Q3 2022Q3 2021Change in %YTD 2022YTD 2021Change in %
Mercedes-Benz Cars520,100434,800+201,518,2001,617,500-6
Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars517,800428,400+211,503,1001,590,800-6
-  thereof BEVs excl. smart30,00014,000+11575,40033,400+126
Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars sales by regions and markets
-  thereof Germany53,60045,200+19154,800152,500+2
-  thereof China206,800150,600+37562,600592,200-5
North America***83,20065,800+26244,900248,100-1