February 2016 sales: Mercedes remain the leader in the premium car market after two months

Mercedes sales vs BMW, Audi
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BMW had a very strong February month and sold almost 10,000 more cars than Mercedes, but Mercedes remain the leader of the premium car market in the first two months of 2016 with 284,566 units.

With 133,752 cars delivered in February Mercedes maintain its leading position through premium carmakers in 2016 with a total of 284,566 units.

BMW has a very strong February month with 143,419 cars sold and landed on the second place of the premium car market with 277,304 ars sold in the first two months of 2016.

Audi has sold 126,500 cars in February and 269,650 units in the first two months of 2016.

Let’s take a lot in detail. Mercedes has the best ever February month in its history with 133,752 cars sold (+11.2%) and was the premium market leader in Japan, Australia, Canada and Taiwan.

In Europe, sales were grown by 14.5% in February with a total of 57,901 vehicles delivered to customers. Sales in Germany of 20,751 units in February were higher than in the prior year month (+18.6%). In Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes sales continued to develop positively with 44,918 units sold in February (+18.2%). Despite the estimations of a stagnation on the chinese market, sales in the second month of the year increased by 29.3% to a new high of 25,837 vehicles.

Mercedes has grown also in the NAFTA region by 0.4% to a total of 26,852 sold in February.

By models, the demand for the compact cars remains very high with 42,986 cars sold in February (+22.3%).

Mercedes sold also 45,676 SUVs in February (+48.5%) and reaches almost 100,000 SUVs sold in the first two months of 2016.

Worldwide, a total of 28,146 C-Class saloons and estates were handed over to customers in February. One of the most popular version is the long wheelbase C-Class saloon, available only in China, which was sold in more than 100,000 units since its market launch in mid-2014.

After a not so successful January month with 16,000 less cars sold than Mercedes, BMW has reduced the gap in February. BMW was No. 1 premium carmaker in February with 143,419 cars sold but remain on the second place after two months with 277,304 cars sold.

BMW announced the sales by region only for the first two months and not separately for February month.

134,140 BMW and MINIs were sold in Europe in the first two months (+11.4%) and 113,588 were sold in Asia region (+12.1%). In mainland China, deliveries rose 12.7% to 80,215 units.

But in the Americas, BMW and MINI sales were down with 6.4% with a total of 58,174 units delivered.
Many SUV models have registered a double digit growth: X1 28,882 units (+59.6%), X3 22,694 units (+16.8%) and X6 6,869 units (+20.3%). BMW 7 Series sales grows with 21.6% to 6,506 units.

Audi registered also a 3.3% increased of worldwide deliveries in February to 126,500 cars but remain on the third place after Mercedes and BMW.

The highest growth was in Europe with 8.1% to 65,150 units, from which 28,507 in Germany (+11.8%). In February Audi of America increased its overall sales by 2.3% to 11,718 cars. In China, Audi registered the lowest growth compared with BMW and Mercedes with only 1.3% to 34,152 units.

By models, the new Audi A4 has increased its global sales by 5.3% to 22,650 unis in February.

BrandFeb-16Change from January 2015January-February 2016Change in %
thereof Germany20,75118.60%36,53010.70%
thereof USA22,941-2.90%47,605-1.30%
thereof China25,83729.30%68,50842.50%
thereof Germany28,50711.80%50,34011.10%
there of China80,215*12.70%
* include Mini