Mercedes S-Class promotes automatic parking with a fun movie with Valet Guys

Valet Parking no need
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Mercedes promotes the automatic parking system with a fun movie that, once you see it, you will never use the valet parking service again.

Certainly the people from the valet parking services in the big five star hotels are happy people. Every day, luxury limousines and sports cars pass through their hands, which others only dream of driving. However, it seems that their profession is on the verge of extinction since the manufacturers invented automatic parking systems that park cars themselves.
Mercedes presents a fun movie in which it shows that there is no need anymore for valet parking services. A few valets perform some rally driver maneuvers to park some classic Mercedes models: handbrake turns side parking, burnouts and even a jump. The stars of this clip are the three valets Freddy, Rusty and Ace together with the C 36 AMG (W202), SLK from the first generation, SL R129 culminating with SL R107 performing a jump as in WRC.

BMW has introduced such a system in the 7 Series that uses the smart key to park in tight spaces. Just a few months away, Mercedes patented a system similar to the E-Class with the difference that a mobile phone application is used for parking. Mercedes has continued to improve its automatic parking system and now offers a new generation of parking system.

Mercedes S-Class W223  comes standard with Active parking Assist with reversing camera and optional with a 360 degree camera. For the first time, the new S-Class detects parking spaces by lines not by vehicles.
The Remote Parking Assist system allows the driver to park with a smartphone and the Remote parking App in Mercedes me connect while staying out of the car in its vicinity.

To use the system, S-Class must be equipped with Presinstallation for remote parking Assist and the service must be activated in Mercedes me.
S-Class is able to park and exit the parking lot in a straight line in the last few meters using the app on the smartphone. The driver-monitored parking procedure continues automated as long as the driver presses the touch surface on the smartphone while tilting it by 90 degrees.

But the new Mercedes S-Class can do even more with the Intelligent Parking Pilot that allows highly automated driverless parking (SAE level 4). This technology allows S-Class to enter and exit multi-storey car parks equipped with AVP infrastructure in a highly automated mode without a driver if national legislation allows such operation.


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