Mercedes S-Class convertible facelift: FIRST SPY PICS

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Mercedes is preparing a facelift for the S-Class Convertible in 2017, following the S-Class sedan and the S-Class Coupe updates expected this Spring. However, the changes are likely to be minimal.

The first prototype, which has now been caught in the winter test, can be seen only with camouflage applied to the aprons at the front and at the back. Unlike the coupe prototypes, the radiator grill is not covered and corresponds to the current one. However, the new Panamericana-style radiator grille will probably be making an appearance, as in the coupe.

In addition, otherwise newly drawn vents are expected in the lower part of the bumper as well as minor modifications to the rear apron. However, the camouflage does not yet show these details.

While the exterior of the Mercedes S-Class convertible hardly changes with the facelift, the Mercedes engineers and designers set a strong hand in the interior. As in the limousine, the dual-displays should be a little bigger and the frame should be omitted.

In addition, the occupants may use the features of the infotainment system by means of gesture control. Mercedes is thus quick to react to the corresponding system in the new 7 Series from BMW.

On the technical side, the Cabrio is not expected to change – the engines will be identical to those from the S-Class range.

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