Mercedes S-Class configurator: options increase the price by another 50%

Mercedes S-Class configurator
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The new Mercedes S-Class can be configured. We tried the Mercedes S-Class configurator  and the price of the options adds another 50% of the price of the car. We have configured a Mercedes S 500 4Matic Long which has a basic price of 119,364 euros.

The most expensive Mercedes S-Class available at the start of sales is the Mercedes S 500 4Matic Long which costs 119,364 euros. With almost all the options on board, the price increases by another 50% and reaches 182,578.20 euros. It is a huge price considering that the standard equipment is already very rich. But the options give you some possibilities that are already related to science fiction.

The AMG Line package costs no less than 6,032 euros and comes with 19-inch wheels. If you want larger rims, 20 or 21 inches, you have to pay an extra 1,218 euros for the 20 inches and between 2,436 and 2784 euros for the 21 inches. Only if you order 20 or 21 inch wheels you can no longer configure the integral steering which costs 1,508 euros.

configurator mercedes S-Class 2020

The Airmatic air suspension is standard but other comfort features added a lot of money to the final price.
Exclusive package with exclusive black nappa leather costs 6,264 euro, while Energizing package with climatised seats for driver and front passenger costs another 4,703.80 euros. The same Energizing package for the rear passengers costs 2,963.80 euros. The designo inserts Holz Walnuss braun add another 3.712 euros to the price.

If you want to park the car from outside by remote control you have to pay 1,798 euros. The new MBUX Augmented reality head-up display has also a high price of 3.468,40 euro while for the 3D-display you have to play another 1.148,40 euros.

Because in an S-Class the rear passengers are sometimes more important, the First Class seats cost 3,248 euros, the Chauffeur package 1,125.40 euros,  Thermotronic air conditioning in the rear 1,322.40 euros, refrigerator in the rear 1.334 euros, TV tuner 1.252,80 euros and MBUX Entertainment for the rear another 3,468.40 euros.

We have selected 48 options worth a total of 63,214.20 euros. That means an average price per option of 1,317 euros.

Thus, the future Mercedes-AMG S 63 will certainly exceed 200,000 euros in the same configuration. Not to mention the future Mercedes-Maybach that will reach the price level of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Mercedes S-Class is not just a technological showcase, but the S-particle means also very expensive.


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