Mercedes S 580 4Matic vs Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic+ by Motor Trend

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Motor Trend compared the two luxury Mercedes sedans: Mercedes S 580 4Matic with V8 engine and Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic+ with two electric motors. Here is their verdict.

Photo: Motor Trend

Mercedes S-Class was untouchable for a long time but now has an electric competitor which come also from Mercedes, both models competing in the price segment of over 100,000 USD.

The conclusion of the colleagues from Motor Trend is that the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic + offers a better ride quality than the Mercedes S 580 given that the EQS was equipped with the largest 22-inch wheels, while the S 580 test car had 21-inch wheels.
Just like us when we tested the Mercedes S 500, Motor Trend claims that the S-Class offers better ride quality with 20-inch wheels.

Motor Trend appreciates the integral steering of both cars which shortens the turning cicle and recommends purchasing this option. Mercedes EQS comes standard in the USA with integral steering with a steering angle of 10 degrees while in Europe the integral steering with a steering angle of 10 degrees costs an extra 1547 euros (only the integral steering with a 4.5 degree angle is standard in Europe). Also in Europe, EQS comes standard with 19-inch wheels, while in the US, 21-inch wheels are standard.

In the case of the Mercedes S 580 4Matic, the integral steering optionally costs regardless of the steering angle, 4.5 or 10 degrees (1547 euros in Europe).

The Mercedes S 580 is more agile than the EQS, but none of it has the behavior of a sports car on winding roads. Also, brake feel is worse in the EQS.

In terms of range, the EQS 580 can travel 340 miles between two charges and the S 580 442 miles (S 500 530 miles). Not only for this reason, Motor Trend recommends S 500 instead of S 580.

The S 580 is quiet most of the time, but EQS takes refinement to another level. But Motor Trend criticizes the design concessions to get the Cx of 0.20 in the case of EQS.

You sit higher in the EQS and the floor is too high for the rear passengers who are kneeling in the air. EQS comes standard with the Hyperscreen screen while on the S 580 it is optional. The interior of the EQS feels more airy in front than the S-Class but the higher seating position gives a feeling of claustrophobia.

The conclusion is surprising. Despite a better ride quality in the EQS, the S-Class remains the standard for luxury limousines. Instead, EQS loses points in terms of rear seat comfort and design. Motor Trend says that the legendary S-Class has been constantly improved for over 50 years and they believe that Mercedes will not need another 50 years to build a true S-Class of electric cars.

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