Mercedes Rescue Assist – The Pokemon Go type of app that saves lives

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Forget about Pokemon GO, this is the real thing and it saves lives! Mercedes-Benz has launched a new augmented reality application, designed specifically for first responders in case of accident. The Rescue Assist app displays vital systems on a damaged vehicle, via smartphone or tablet.

Helping first responders take the safest approach for rescue and avoid further damage, the Rescue Assist App works mostly like the viral game Pokemon Go, but instead of hunting Pikachus and others, the system displays a 3D representation of the systems of a wrecked vehicle at the crash scene. Fuel lines, high-voltage systems in hybrid and electric vehicles, batteries and air bags, are all rendered in the interactive application for the rescuers. It offers them the possibility to zoom and rotate, in order to get a clear picture of the situation and proceed safely to the extrication of the victims.

The new app version is an evolution of the already existing Rescue Assist Program, especially made to allow emergency operators precisely identify the static schematics of a vehicle. The augmented reality-based application does not need a WiFi connection nor a cellular signal, since it is based on preloaded detailed information on very Mercedes-Benz passenger car built after 1990, every Mercedes-Benz van starting 1996 and every smart since the very first generation of the brand in 1998.

The owners of the older models, must contact their local dealer to get the proper code sticker. As for the newer models, the application reads a QR code located on the B-pillar or inside the fuel door of the latest models.

The virtual reality app will be free on iOS and Android and available in 24 languages.