Mercedes recalls 1979, the year the legendary G-Class was born, with nostalgic video

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There are cars that never get old. They just get better with time. They just turn iconic and the 1979-born Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of them. The German manufacturer is working on a new generation of the mighty off-roader and before it sees the light of they, they are becoming nostalgic.

Mercedes-Benz recalls the most important moments throughout the 38-year old history of the G-Class. The 40-second long video shows the G that came into the world as a military vehicle, braving the water, the mud, the rocky terrain, not minding the slopes, nor the sand, nor the cold.

The first G-Class was based on a solid ladder-type frame with coil-sprung rigid axles. At its launch, almost four decades ago, the Chuck Norris of all cars was available with four engine variants, two wheelbases and five body styles.