Mercedes MULTIBEAM LED headlamps got the Red Dot Award

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And the “Red Dot Award” goes to… Mercedes-Benz! The premium car maker snatched the trophy for winning the world renowned design competition with the company’s new revolutionary MULTIBEAM LED headlamps installed in the new E-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz MULTIBEAM LED headlamps got the attention of the high-caliber panel of judges that turned 5214 product entries from 57 countries inside out before reaching a decision. 41 independent designers, design professors and specialist journalists decided that the MULTIBEAM LED headlights of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class meet all requirements.

They must have been impressed by the groundbreaking technology that had been fitted in the light units of the world’s most intelligent business limousine. No less than 84 individually drivable high-performance LEDs make up the headlamp of tomorrow. The light units illuminate the road surface with unsurpassed, precision-controlled distribution of exceptionally bright light, without though dazzling the oncoming drivers, as they simply modulate the light around their vehicles. Consequently, the driver of the E-Class can permanently keep the high beam active.

Multibeam LED

Furthermore, as a world premiere, the low-beam headlamp does not swivel only when the driver turns the steering wheel, but also anticipates the moment via the camera-controlled function. Therefore, the low-beam headlamp swivels before the driver has turned. The active light function swivels back to the straight on position before the corner ends.

The functionality of the headlights emphasis their style. The twin eyebrows of the newly designed daytime running lamps, as well as the high-grade detailing, guarantee the saloon the majestically focused look on the road.

Find out more about the groundbreaking technology fitted in the E-Class headlights and watch a video demonstration right here: All new E-Class demonstrates MULTIBEAM LED intelligent headlights.