Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand plans new SUV

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Mercedes-Benz promises to turn the Mercedes-Maybach ultra-luxury sub-brand into a full family. Its second member will be a new SUV.

The same theory has been applied for AMG which has already become a fully fledged sub-brand dedicated to sports cars and performance variants of the regular Mercedes-Benz models.

“We will do more Maybach models, but it will not be for all vehicles. Any Maybach must make sense, because it is not just about putting an emblem on a car,” Martin Hulder, project manager for the revamped S-class range, revealed at the Detroit motor show.

Speaking to Autocar, he admitted “buyers rightly have high expectations of a Maybach, and we must be sure to always deliver on them.”

The Mercedes-Maybach SUV should be based on the upcoming GLS, catering for hot demand in markets like Asia or the Middle East, where large sport-utility vehicles are still prized for their imposing stature and generous cabin accommodation. It will be positioned as a direct competitor for the already announced Bentley Bentayga and the first SUV from Rolls-Royce, the later still caught in development limbo.

A convertible Mercedes-Maybach version of the future S-Class Coupe based drop-top is also likely to be produced, as Mercedes-Benz is poised to establish its ultra-luxury sub-brand as a true competitor for Rolls-Royce.