Mercedes-Maybach selling galore in China

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Some years are better than others, but for Mercedes-Maybach this year might prove to be the best ever. Mercedes-Maybach is currently selling more cars in one month solely on the Chinese market than it used to during a whole year. In the whole world.

That’s what you would call “significant progress”. It’s true, back in the (not so long ago) days when Maybach was a standalone brand, their cars were considerably more expensive and also a bit strange looking if we’re to be honest.

This new Mercedes-Maybach S 600 has all the good looks of the S-Class plus some extensive luxury features which place it one step higher than the already stratospheric S-Class in terms of posh levels. It’s also got an extended wheelbase thus allowing the Mercedes-Maybach to ferry its lucky passengers in complete comfort.

Mercedes-Maybach sales have started in February this year in China and the automaker is reportedly registering demands in excess of 500 units a month. This figure represent much more than the sales in a full year for the former brand Maybach ceased at the end of 2012.

The new super saloon Mercedes-Maybach is available in two versions – S 500 with V8 455 HP and S 600 with V12 530 HP – and starts at 230,000 USD. The former Maybach was priced almost double 10 years ago.

Mercedes-Maybach was quick to enter the Chinese market where (rich) people flock to buy cars from brands like Rolls-Royce or Bentley, the kind of more exclusive limousines than the level the standard Mercedes-Benz S-Class can offer.

With China currently being the world’s largest market, it’s only natural for Mercedes-Benz to want a strong presence there considering their aim of overtaking BMW and Audi as the best selling premium manufacturer on a global level. The fight is close and the winning punch can come from any direction, so why not the Mercedes-Maybach sales in China?