Mercedes-Maybach ECHO Concept – A Maybach for 2030

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The Luxury Coupe design study Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, displaying how automobiles will look the next decade, has already dazzled the world. So now it is time to look at the far future of cars. A designer has already envisioned the futuristic Mercedes-Maybach ECHO concept, a car good for the road by 2030.

Just take  a look at the cars that we will be driving in the year 2030. The drawing has come out of the hands of design expert Hawan Park, who imagined a vehicle that looks both futuristic and expensive, built around an wooden core that helps disperse sound, turning the means of transportation into a concert hall.

The 1.38-meter high car would come with an interior wrapped in fine wood and other high-end materials, featuring unique mechanical and acoustical characteristics, this being the reason why many musical instruments are made of it.

Mercedes-Maybach ECHO concept (5)

The sketches show the concept car has a hologram projector positioned in the front of the cockpit, it features the eye-catching gullwing doors, but also a flexible seat suspension for impeccable comfort.

Looking just like a UFO landing from the Hollywood-made science fiction movies, with an elongated hood and millimeter clearance from the ground, the car breathes sportiness through its pores.

Before the high-end luxury Mercedes-Maybach ECHO Concept morphs into a series production model, we still have to wait for the road-ready lithium-ion battery-powered Vision 6 to come to life and take our breath away with its 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds!