Mercedes-Maybach Coupe shows its face in new official pic

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The Mercedes-Maybach Coupe we’ve all been dreaming of will enjoy its worldwide premiere at Pebble Beach next week. New official pictures shows massive front grille. Latest updates.

“Hot & Cool – Almost six meters or ultimate luxury”, as Mercedes-Maybach describes the red megacoupé after releasing a shadowy image of it. Almost six meters! Let us just sink this in. A short-wheelbase S-Class measures 5.17 meters in length, the long-wheelbase kicks in to an impressive 5.25 meters and the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 measures up to 5.45 meters. That would mean that the Mercedes-Maybach coupe is about half a meter longer than the latter and almost a meter longer than an S-Class Coupe.


The teaser pictures released so far show an extremely stretched coupe with a long bonnet, a minuscule greenhouse and a long sloping roofline that extends right into the elongated tail. The side view is decorated with a long chrome bar. The side mirrors are extremely narrow. Under that mega-long bonnet we expect to see the brand’s 6.0-litre bi-turbo V12 – more than enough to sprint to 62mph in around five seconds.

Mercedes wants to mimic the coachbuilding success experienced by Rolls-Royce, so series production is not out of the question. Next week we will know more about this still nebulous mega coupe.

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