Mercedes Maintenance 101: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Car

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A car is an investment that you want to keep looking good and running smoothly for years to come. Even more so with a luxury car like a Mercedes. When you’re paying down an expensive monthly lease, you want your vehicle to outlast your loan payments. 

Embracing a good maintenance culture is the only way to enjoy the value of your money. If you want to keep your engine purring like a kitten, here are six tips for taking care of your luxury car. 

Splurge on enclosed auto transport 

Moving a luxury car across a state or country can be a sticky process. Many readers are likely already biting their nails at the thought of driving that $5,000 paint job through open terrain. Luckily, there’s a safer option to get your pride and joy from point A to point B. 

Enclosed auto carriers can guard your car from whatever the road has to throw at it. Not only does your luxury ride get back to you in the same health you left it in, but it comes back clean to boot. Reputable auto transport companies will also include insurance in your fee, so you won’t be out of luck even if something does happen. 

Read and follow car manual

After purchasing your car, all you want is to dive behind the wheel and take it for a spin. However, you must do your homework by reading the manufacturer’s manual. The car manual is your pocket guide to everything you need to know about your new baby. 

Most importantly, it contains instructions about the proper care and maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Dedicate a little time studying the manual and memorizing any critical milestones, such as an oil change every three thousand miles. 

Change the engine oil consistently

You can usually find the recommended time for an oil change in your owner’s manual. Engine oil serves as a lubricator in your engine and prevents rusting. After some time, the oil wears out and loses its lubrication properties, so you have to replace it regularly.  Do a periodic oil change to avoid damage to your high-powered Mercedes engine.

Wash and keep your car clean

Periodic and thorough washing is vital for preserving your car’s paint job. If you skip soap day, debris on your vehicle can harden and damage the paint. Your car cleaning schedule will depend on how often you drive the car and in what conditions. 

On wash days, use a lot of water and car-formulated cleaning products. Your owner’s manual will give you some idea of which products are safe. Don’t neglect the interior of your car, either. Leather seats absorb sweat and oil over time, making them shiny. Regular cleanings will keep seats looking matte and sophisticated. 

Check the condition of your tires regularly

Unless you run over a nail, flat tires don’t happen suddenly. The conditions for a tire blow-out develop over time without regular maintenance. Check the condition of your tires regularly in case they need to be pumped or replaced. If you’re unsure, stick an upside-down penny in the tread. If you can still see Lincoln’s face, it’s time for new tires.

Drive carefully

Careful driving is crucial to keep your car looking and feeling brand new. Following traffic laws and practicing defensive driving will keep you and other drivers safer while you’re on the road. You should also be careful about where you park. 

As much as possible, park your vehicle under shade, especially if it’ll be there for a while. That said, avoid parking directly under tree limbs. 

Parting shot

Your luxury car is a prized possession, so you have to treat it like one. Proper maintenance of your car will increase its lifespan and keep it looking newer longer. Research your car’s maintenance schedule and follow it for a smooth, long-living ride.