Mercedes had a leader for the compact class: Concept A-Class

Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class
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It seems China was getting all the attention as Mercedes-Benz made a habit out of launching new concepts on Asian soil. Just as it happened with the A-Class concept.

This time, the Shanghai Motor Show was the stage where Mercedes-Benz showcased its Concept A-Class. Using a long bonnet, an overal low shape and slim window areas, the Concept A-Class wanted to be a concentrated dose of dynamics and good looks.

For its April 2011 debut in China the A-Class Concept received a four-cylinder 2-liter internal combustion engine which developed 210 hp managed by a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Concept A

Concept A-Class was Mercedes-Benz’s choice for introducing the COMAND Online multimedia system and the use of smartphone functions such as internet radio, e-mail and social networks as apps on a 7-inch display operated via a rotary-push control knob.

Besides the digital lifestyle it emphasized, the prototype was equipped with radar-based collision warning with Adaptive Brake Assist, a world premiere for compact class vehicles.

Concept A

Definitely one of the A-Class concept’s top features was the interior. The dashboard was designed to look like an aircraft wing and used a translucent, stretchable textile lining.

In addition, the air vents in the dashboard are clearly inspired from the engine of a jet aircraft while they changed colour depending on the temperature the occupants selected for the climate control system: blue if cool, fresh air was vented into the interior, but red if the airflow was heated.