Mercedes is the leader by far in Europe in the premium segment in 2017

Mercedes sales 2017 in Europe
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Mercedes sold more cars in Europe in 2017 than any other premium competitor and registered the highest growth in Europe.

ACEA published the sales results for 2017 in Europe which shows very clear the domination of the Mercedes brand also on the old continent.

In the annual global sales results published in January here we cannot estimate the BMW results in Europe because BMW does not communicate sales by regions on every brand separately.

Mercedes was No. 1 in Europe last year with 893,574 units followed by BMW with 827,137 units.

Audi is very close behind BMW with 826,370 units, while they are far from the BMW in the global results.

The fourth place is occupied by the Volvo with 303,312 units followed by Land Rover with 151,566 units units.

Porsche sold last year 73,456 units in Europe followed by Jaguar with 69,473 units while Lexus found only 44,339 clients in Europe in 2017.

It is interesting to mention that Mercedes has the highest growth rate in 2017 with 6.4%, while Audi (-0.5%) and Jaguar Land Rover (-1.0 %) registered a slight decrease in sales.

20172016% in change
Land Rover151,566153,071-1.00%