Mercedes helps old diesel car owners buy new ones with 3,000 euro discount

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Mercedes offers subsidies of 3,000 euros for customers with old diesel cars whose vehicles could receive a restriction regarding access in various cities across Germany. They will get the money for a “retrofit kit” of Euro 5 diesel engines.

Mercedes wants to provide financial support in Germany for customers who are in danger of not being able to drive by car because of the ban on diesel engines in some cities of the country.

The announcement comes in the context where manufacturers must propose measures in order to reduce diesel emissions of older vehicles. This comes after the German authorities allowed the ban on diesel engines in various cities across the country.

Subsidy of 3,000 euros for owners of old diesel Mercedes cars

The Daimler Group proposes a subsidy of 3,000 euros for owners of Mercedes models with Euro 5 diesel engines. The 3,000 euros would be used for a “retrofit kit”. Thus the exhaust system will produce significantly less oxide emissions.

Daimler is waiting for the approval from KBA. Following the “green light”, the company will install the new kit on the Mercedes diesel cars with Euro 5 engines.