Mercedes Has Released a Video with CEO Ola Kallenius Driving the Future Mercedes G-Class electric on Schockl Mountain

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Mercedes has released a video with CEO Ola Kalenius driving the future Mercedes EQG on Shockl Mountain, where Mercedes has tested the iconic G-Class for four decades.

Mercedes has released a 12-minute video of the future electric Mercedes G-Class on its official YouTube channel. Although the name Mercedes EQG is logical and expected by everyone, the video does not mention this name but only Mercedes G-Class electric.

Host Sarah Harman talks to Fabian Schossau, chief engineer of the Mercedes G-Class electric. He explains that regardless of the drive system, the design is identical and that the electric version has all the features that made the G-Class famous. Among them are durability and off-road capability.

Four electric motors: traction with only one wheel is possible

Designing the Mercedes G-Class electric was a challenge because Mercedes does not yet have an electric propulsion system for off-road, and they developed a new concept with four motors, which means that in tough off-road situations, the car can be propelled by only one wheel because there is a motor at each wheel.

Also, for a professional off-roader, there are special battery requirements. It must be perfectly insulated from water penetration and protected from knocks. To this end, Mercedes has developed solid underguard protection.

Fabian explains to Sarah that each new G-Class generation drives up and down the Schockl mountain near Graz 336 times for the reliability tests. “You’ll see today what one of those 336 laps means.”

From minute 4:50 begins the special part of this film. Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius gets behind the wheel to climb to the top of the Schockl mountain, starting from an altitude of 1400 m.

Olla Kalenius is very excited to be a test driver for a day and said he would pay money to do this job, and is thrilled with how easy and smooth the electric G-Class handles on this very heavy terrain. The Mercedes boss says he gives 100% credit to the engineers who developed this phenomenal electric drivetrain with torque beyond belief, but most impressive is the precision. “With software, you can now control every one of those four electric motors, and this is the secret of the electric G-Class.”

The G-Turn is not only for show 
At minute 8:56, Kallenius introduces the G-Class’s most exciting feature: the 360-degree turn, or G-Turn as it is called. The Mercedes boss explains that this spectacular feature is not just for show but also helps when you want to take a 90-degree turn in the woods through the trees. With the help of electric motors, it can push out the back of the car and make a 90-degree turn.

The battery placed on the floor is protected from knocks by two layers of carbon fiber with material in between.
Every time manufacturers launch an electric model, it looks different from the conventional engine version. Kallenius says they chose to keep the same shape because it’s one of the keys to the G-Class’s success, which has had the same look for more than 40 years.