Mercedes has Received Approval to Use Turquoise-coloured Marker Lights in California and Nevada for Cars with Drive Pilot

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Mercedes is the first manufacturer in the world to receive approval to use a special colour for exterior lights on models equipped with the Drive Pilot system in the US states of Nevada and California.

In California the permission is valid for now to test turquoise-coloured marker lights for automated driving on freeways for a limited period of two years.

The turquoise-coloured marker lights for automated driving in California are integrated into the front and rear lights as well as the two outside mirrors in Mercedes testing vehicles.

The use of turquoise-coloured lights in series production is not yet standardised anywhere in the world, neither in the U.S., China or Europe. However, the turquoise colour fulfils two important criteria: it is highly visible to other road users and provides a clear differentiation from conventional car lights and the colours of traffic lights or emergency vehicles (fire brigade, rescue vehicles). According to several studies, turquoise is optimal for autonomous driving.

In Nevada, Mercedes has received permission to use turquoise for exterior lights on Mercedes EQS and S-Class Model Year 2026 equipped with the Drive Pilot system. Drive Pilot is the only SAE-Level 3 certified autonomous driving system in the U.S. (states of California and Nevada).

The Drive Pilot system is available on EQS and S-Class model year 2024 and will be available in early 2024 through dealers in California and Nevada. Drive Pilot received certification in Germany in 2021 where it can be ordered as early as 2022 and in Nevada and California in 2023.