Mercedes has become the second most valuable car brand in the world

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Mercedes has become the second most valuable brand in the world in 2023, according to the annual survey conducted by Interbrand.

For many years, Toyota has been the world’s most valuable car brand, according to a survey conducted by Interbrand. The Japanese manufacturer has maintained its position as the world’s most valuable car brand in 2023, ranking 6th in an overall classification. Toyota’s market value is $64.505 billion, more than double from $30.280 billion 10 years ago.

Mercedes market value is bigger than Coca-Cola

Mercedes’ market value increased by 9% in 2023 to $61.414 billion, making the German premium carmaker the second most valuable car brand and 7th in the overall ranking ahead of Coca-Cola ($58.046 billion, +1%).

The top spots are occupied by giants Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, with Apple being the only company with a market value of over $500 billion. Microsoft follows with $316.659 billion (+14%), Amazon with $276.929 billion (+1%), and Google ($260.260 billion, +3%). 5th place is occupied by Samsung (USD 91.407 billion, +4%), and on 8th and 9th places are situated Coca-Cola and Nike.

Three car brands in Top 10

BMW enters the Top 10 for the first time with a market value of $51.157 billion (+10%) ranking, ahead of McDonald’s ($50.999 billion, +5%, 11th place) and Tesla ($49.937 billion, +4%, 12th place). Tesla’s market value is up 4%, but growth is not as strong as in past years. In 2022, Tesla was valued at $48 billion while in 2016 when enter in this competition, Tesla started at 4.011 $billion.

For the first time, three car brands are in the Top 10. Also, with a market value of $27.412 billion (+7%), Honda climbed to 27th place. Hyundai ($20.412 billion, +18%, 32nd place), Porsche $16.215 billion, +20%, 47th place) and Ferrari ($10.830 billion, +16%, 70th place) are three of the five fastest-growing brands in 2023.

In 2023, the market value of the world’s top 100 brands has grown less than in recent years. It reached USD 3.3 trillion, 5.7% more than in 2022.

You can see here the final classification of the first 100 brands.