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Mercedes GLC
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These are the latest pictures of the Mercedes GLC, the successor of the GLK, which confirm that the new mid-size SUV will be slightly bigger and will have much sportier proportions.

What we only supposed had been confirmed now by the first GLC pictures in which the new generation of the mid-sized SUV appear slightly larger than the GLK, with a longer bonnet and with more fluid lines.

The prototype clearly has a longer wheelbase than the current GLK, and its track is wider, too. We can also see that the hood has been stretched and the front axle pushed forward to accommodate the longer wheelbase. Longer wheelbase promise a more generous interior space adapted to a middle class SUV.

The trunk volume will offer more than 450 liters available on the actual generation.

The new GLC will share the platform with the new Mercedes C-Class. This second-generation mid-size SUV will also finally get a right-hand-drive configuration, enabling the vehicle to enter new markets such as the U.K., Japan and Australia.

The whole engine range will be taken over from the actual C-Class and will include 4-cylinder and V6 diesel and petrol engines, all with turbo and direct injection. |The engines will be mated with a seven speed automatic gearbox or with the new nine speed automatic gearbox. The basic engines will be available also with rear wheel drive.

An AMG version will follow, because some GLC prototypes had been tested along other AMG models. The future GLC 63 AMG will use the new successful 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine already available in the new Mercedes-AMG C 63  and C 63 S.

With the second GLK generation, the name will be also new: GLC. And the SUV-coupe version will be named GLC Coupe.

The new GLC will be available starting September 2015. In November 2015, the model range will be completed with the Plug-In Hybrid version, which will feature the same propulsion system as the new C-Class Plug-In Hybrid: a 2-liter turbo with 211 HP, mated with a 60 kw electric engine, ready for an electric range of around 30 km.

After Mercedes will launch the first SUV-coupe GLE Coupe this summer, they are also looking at the class below to build a competitor for the BMW X4. The GLC Coupe will follow the GLC in 2017 and will also compete against the Audi Q6, which will be built on the basis of the future Q5.

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