Mercedes GLC F-Cell: First Series Fuel Cell Benz Heading to IAA 2017

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Mercedes GLC F-Cell, the first premium SUV and the first production Benz powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show (September 14-24).

In June 2016 Mercedes-Benz already showed a prototype of the GLC F-Cell, a GLC with a fuel cell on board. During the IAA of Frankfurt, a pre-production version of the GLC F-Cell is presented, a car that should actually be on the market next year.

The GLC F-Cell will be driven by an electric motor that will be powered by the on-board produced power from the hydrogen fuel cell – the so-called F-Cell propulsion system with a range of about 500 kilometers.

Hydrogen reacts with oxygen, resulting in electricity, heat and water. An inverter converts the direct current from the combustion engine into alternating current for the electric motor. Excessive power not used for propulsion, as well as that recovered during braking, is stored in a 9 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can also be charged at the outlet.

The hydrogen pile is located under the front hood, while the electric motor and the battery are located above the rear suspension. The hydrogen tank is still in the back, just beneath the floor, at the side of the seat.

The compact drive unit has been designed to take place under the hood of a conventional GLC. Unlike previous B-Class fuel cell modules used by B-Class, the space required for the new unit is now 30% lower. The performance of this system has increased by 40% and production costs have been significantly reduced.