Mercedes GLC Coupe test. New SUV Coupe driven in GLC 300 guise

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Shortly after the New York premiere, German magazine Auto motor und sport has already revealed the first-ever Mercedes GLC Coupe test. So, how does Mercedes’ answer to the X4 goes down the street?

I stand in front of gate 8 of the Daimler plant in Sindelfingen. Here at the Center of Excellence well-heeled customers usually receive their new Maybachs. But we are here for an even more exclusive car (for the time being): the new Mercedes GLC coupe.

Still in pre-production form, the silver prototype is adorned by pieces of duck tape meant to conceal the exact position of the headlights/tail-lights and their the final shaping. No more purpose for these really, since the GLC Coupe has already been revealed. Anyway… One conclusion: the GLC Coupe looks like a shrunken GLE Coupe.

Ullrich Zillmann, the man who was instrumental in the development of the GLC coupe, explained to Auto motor und sport the specifics of the X253 project. The rear is clearly more prominent compared to its sister model, the GLC – a total of 8 centimeters were added to the Coupe in length. The hatch and bumper are clearly shifted upwards which, in conjunction with the narrow rear window and sweeping tailpipes, act as an extremely powerful visual treatment.

The 20-inch multi-spoke wheels with taped AMG insignia do the rest for the aggressive appearance of the GLC Coupe. They are part of the Edition 1 package that includes numerous extras. At the front we find 255mm tires while in order for the 285mm rear tires to fit under the wings, these were widened modestly with small flaps.

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But today, it is less about the form and more about driving. So let’s see how the GLC Coupe rides in the tour through the Black Forest with Ulrich Zillmann behind the wheel. Even if not in full production form, the GLC Coupe shows no weakness, no cracking or creaking.

On the winding but well maintained roads Zillmann enjoys the relative 15.2 direct translated steering of the compact SUV. From the passenger seat, of course, you realize it only slightly. Even more you can feel how much more ballance the new optional steel chassis with Adaptive damping brings – this will initially be reserved for the coupe. The Dynamic Body Control has four known personalities: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, which can be accessed via the Dynamic Select roll on the center console.

Zillmann switches to Sport Plus. In this mode, the four-door coupe is noticeably more agile than the normal GLC without adaptive damping. And all the fun is accompanied by the fleet of cornering discreet bursts of grave tonality modulated by the genuine Yamaha flap exhaust. In comfort mode, it is clearly dignified. Nevertheless, 15 millimeters less travel than in the hatchback GLC provide noticeably harder rolling. The coupe feels much less SUV and more hot hatchback than the normal GLC, although the height of 1.60 meters is only four centimeters lower.

And the rear? Access is pleasingly light. Only the head should move a bit, not to meet the massive C-pillar. But a six-feet tall adult will sit surprisingly comfortable on the well contoured rear seats. The legs have plenty of room and he will not bump its head on the black headlining either. In fact, the GLC Coupe offers 5 cm more headroom.

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“A panorama glass roof will not exist for the Mercedes GLC Coupe, because that would enter in conflict with the long-drawn tailgate upper opening” explains Zillmann. In addition, then the won headroom would be gone. The boot volume can not benefit from the increase in length. In addition, the high loading sill and the low roofline prevent easy loading. Still, the GLC Coupe comes up with a surprisingly deep double loading floor.

The four-cylinder in the GLC 300 delivers 245 hp and moves the solid 1.8 tonnes effortlessly. Mercedes expects the two-liter turbo engine, to sell particularly well especially in China and the US. In Germany, however, probably the GLC 220d will be aggregate in the greatest demand.

At the upper end of the line-up you can find the six-cylinder diesel (350d) with 258 hp and 620 Nm of torque. In addition, there will also be the hybrid version 350e with 211-Nitro-hp plus 115 horsepower developed by an additional electric engine. The sports spearhead will be the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Coupé with V6 Bi-Turbo and 367 hp.

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Transmission-wise, the GLC Coupe will be offered only alongside the high-tech 9G-Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission, for all engines. Likewise Mercedes consistently focuses on the all-wheel drive 4Matic. Only the gasoline entry-level version GLC 200 (184 hp) will come with rear wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission.
When we ask about prices, those responsible must not comment. But, who expects a surcharge of 1500-2000 euro on against the normal GLC, should not be too wrong.

Source: Auto motor und sport